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10 Ways To Make Your Incentives More Effective

6 Aug

Having a hard time crafting an effective incentive? Roy Sanderson has the answers to your incentive questions. In 10 simple suggestions Sanderson hits a lot of topics. He uses both behavioral science and basic economics to put together his strategy for creating good incentives that keep employees involved and performance up.  Do not miss out on the opportunity to improve your own incentive program!

The key to your ROI? Properly promoting your program…

21 Feb

Higher ROIIn my years of experience in the Incentive Travel industry I have seen proof time and time again that the programs that generate the highest Return on Incentive have a common thread…they are promoted properly. You can design the most exciting reward trip ever, but if your sales force is not continuously reminded of its greatness, they will become distracted with the day-to-day grind and it will not be top of mind. I found this timely article on the SellingPower website. Click here for this quick read

Enjoy the read!

9 Ways to Be a Great Team Member

4 Feb

Just about everyone has worked in a team situation, currently works with a team or will certainly work with a team in the future, it’s inevitable. In our industry we find that every Incentive Travel Program or Corporate National Meeting we plan and run consists of a strong team, without whom our business would never thrive. So, what do you think makes a team work seamlessly? Positive energy? Relationships? Trust? Well, yes, yes and yes…those and more. We found a great article covering 9 top aspects of being a Great Team Member on Jon Gordon’s blog and it’s an outstanding roadmap to team unity in the workplace. Here they are, in no particular order, well, actually they’re in order from 1-9…(to see the complete article click here.)

1. Set the Example
2. Use Your Strengths to Help the Team
3. Share Positive Contagious Energy
4. Know and Live the Magic Ratio
5. Put the Team First
6. Build Relationships
7. Trust and Be Trusted
8. Hold Them Accountable
9. Be Humble

We plan on keeping a strong eye on these 9 points and using them as we continue our teamwork at Paramount Incentives. We hope these are helpful in your future and you create the seamless teamwork you need to continue to be sucessful!

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